160 Thank You’s to 100 Women Who Care Cowichan


Ahmad Alsairawan, a 30 year old teacher and school principal. Mom, Nawal Arar is a 26 year old high school teacher. Omar Alsairawan is almost 3 years old. (Photo submitted by Rhoda Taylor)

“This We Can Do” Private Sponsor Group member Rhoda Taylor made a passionate call to action at 100 Women Who Care Cowichan’s first gathering to decide on a recipient nonprofit organization for the individual donations collected from 160 of Cowichan’s philanthropists.

The outcome was a generous gift of $16,000 to support the welcome and settlement of a new Syrian refugee family to Cowichan.

An elated Rhoda states, “while the $16,000 is so inspirational, more work needs to be done. Please don’t think we as a community are done helping. There are other families who have already settled here that still need assistance. And many more families in crisis who need to come to Canada.”

Going beyond basic settlement services, the Cowichan Intercultural Society offers support to sponsorship groups wanting to assist a refugee family in coming to Canada.  As a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, the Intercultural Society is in a unique position to help groups of Canadians sponsor and ultimately help a new family in our community.  The commitment to sponsor is for 12 months of emotional and financial support for a refugee/refugee family resettling to our community.

“We are so inspired by what is possible in our community, and by the impact of this amazing gathering of women.  $16,000 in one night – and the first gathering of this chapter!” acknowledges Lynn Weaver, Cowichan Intercultural Society’s Executive Director. “We are grateful for the support of 100 Women Cowichan for sustaining this sponsored family in the first year of their resettlement journey.”


Interested in developing your own sponsor group to help a Syrian refugee family in crisis? Join us for a free information session on January 12, 2017.

Full media release in .pdf: 100 Women Cowichan media release