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Pre-Arrival Documents

Pre-Arrival – Documents to bring

–          Passports and Immigration documents

–          Birth or Baptismal certificates

–          Marriage, separation or divorce papers

–          Adoption records for adopted children

–          Death certificate for deceased spouse

–          School records, educational diplomas and certificates, including transcripts listing the courses you took to obtain possible, bring these documents for each family member

–          Medical records (prescriptions, test results, x-rays, allergies etc.) and dental records

–          Vaccination/immunisation records for your children

–          Letters of reference from former employers

–          Your driver’s license (international or from your home country)

–          Car registration documents (if you are importing a vehicle into Canada)

–          Two copies of a lsit of personal and household items that you are brining with you or that are arriving later (Carry these documents with you, not in your luggage

–          Photocopies of all essential and important documents in case the originals get lost (be sure to keep the photocopies separate from the originals)

Pre-Arrival - Other Items

Pre-Arrival – Other Important Items

          Bring with you a 90 day supply of prescription drugs and leave them in the original package

          Carry with you the original prescription and make sure that the generic and drug trade names are listed

          Bring an extra pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses

          Learn about health care in BC and purchase private health insurance coverage for you and your family

          Explore accommodation options (temporary or permanent) once you arrive in Canada

          Research the prices of accommodation in the area where you want to live

          Have your professional credentials evaluated

          Find out about the weather in the area where you will live and in which sean you will arerive

          Have your educational and work documents translated into English or French

Child Care

Child Care

          Make arrangements for child care by learning about the types of child care available

          Contact child care centres to reserve a spot for your child (even if you do not need a spot right away)



          Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

          Speak to a settlement counsellor or an employment counsellor about your job search needs and next steps

          Contact an employment agency to help you with your job

          Find out if your profession is regulated of non-regulated in Ontario

          Find out whether your professional qualifications need to be assessed

          Prepare a resume and cover letter that suit your occupation in Canada

          Explore volunteer opportunities in your professions

          Locate any intership programs available in your area of expertise that can provide you with Canadian work experience

          Learn about bridge training programs

          Contact a Small Business Enterprise Centre to get information about opening your own business



          Get a map of your city or town

          Learn about public transit

          Apply for a BC drivers license



          Find housing which suits your budget

          Look into housing related costs such as insurance utilities and property taxes

          Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or owner

Money and Personal Finances

Money and Personal Finances

          Open a bank account

          Apply for Canada’s child tax benefit, if applicable


Other Important Information

          Find out about communications companies that offer telephone services, internet and television and choose the services the you need

          Get a phone number where you can be reached

          Get access to the internet

          If you will not have a drivers license and would like to have an official BC ID apply for the BC identity card

Get to Know Your Community

Get to know your community

          Find out where to buy basic goods

          Visit supermarkets and farmers markets in your area

          Visit a settlement agency to speak with a settlement worker

          Find the local library to access many resources and free internet

          Become familiar with the various modes of transit in your community

          Find out if you have public pools, community and recreational centres in your community

Health Care

Health Care

          Apply for a BC care card

          Find a family doctor

          Find a hospital or clinic near to where you live

Primary and Secondary Education

Primary and Secondary Education

          Take note of when you can register your children at school

          Find out which school(s) your children will attend

          Register your children at school

          Bring the following document with you when registering your children

o   Birth certificate

o   Baptismal certificate (for Catholic schools)

o   Proof of address

o   Proof of guardianship

o   Your children’s vaccination/immunization records

o   Immigration or Canadian citizenship documents

o   Your children vaccination immunization

o   Immigration or Canadian citizenship documents

o   Your children’s school documents (if you have them)

          Make transportation arrangements for your child to and from school

Post-Secondary Education

Post-Secondary Education

          Find out when college or university applications are due

          Learn about general admission requirements

          Apply for available funding support, if applicable

          Learn about college, university, or school board courses relevant to your occupation goals

Language Training

Language Training

          Have your English language skills assessed

          Speak to a counsellor to learn about language training specific to your occupation

          Identify the language program that best suits your needs

          Locate bridging programs in your region that are relevant to your career goals