Culturally Welcoming Volunteers 2.0


Volunteer Cowichan proudly presents Culturally Welcoming Volunteers 2.0 Training Workshop for volunteer coordinators, managers, executive directors, community members and anyone who engages volunteers in their programs. Culturally Welcoming Volunteers 2.0 is a continuing professional and community development opportunity to build more diverse and culturally welcoming volunteer programs in the Cowichan Region. Last year, Culturally Welcoming Volunteers focused on four goals:

• Feel more comfortable, curious and relaxed about diversity.
• Build awareness about and skills for being culturally welcoming
• Collaboratively create a set of guidelines for recruiting, retaining and recognizing volunteers from diverse cultures (especially volunteers who are newcomers to Canada)
• For all of us to stay connected with Cowichan Intercultural Society for resources and other supports regarding intercultural fluency and being culturally welcoming of newcomers and other volunteers.

With funding again from the Province of BC – Gaming Branch for Multiculturalism – Volunteer Cowichan, Cowichan Intercultural Society and Inclusive Leadership Co-operative will host a one day training session. Building on the six guidelines developed in 2016 for recruiting, retaining and recognizing volunteers from diverse backgrounds, Culturally Welcoming Volunteers 2.0 aims to:

• Practice the art of being welcoming and inclusive.
• Explore your own conscious and unconscious biases.
• Mindfully open your heart and mind to being culturally welcoming.
• Develop Intercultural Competency
• Cultivate Culturally Appreciative Inquiry
• Continuing Education

Whether you are a past participant or new to a Culturally Welcoming Volunteer Program, please join us on Tuesday, 7th November, 2017, at Providence Farm for a deeper understanding of the changing landscape of volunteerism in Cowichan and how to be a leader in respect for diversity and building a more culturally welcoming volunteer program.

Culturally Welcoming Volunteers 2.0
Providence Farm Chapel
1843 Tzouhalem Rd, Duncan
Tuesday, 7th November, 2017
9:00 am to 3:00 pm (Welcoming 8:30 am)
Reserve your seat at or call 250.748.2133
$20 per participant (includes lunch) or $30 for two