Provide an Activity Station

On September 10th and/or 11th Community partners, in consultation with TIP, will provide activity stations throughout the school and/or community. The activities can/will vary in length, from 20 minutes up to half a day. The focus is on team building and/or providing a participatory experiences for the diverse groups of students, teachers, and mentors

We understand that a full two-day commitment may not be possible, so we have built in flexibility! You can host an activity during:

  • a morning session on Monday and/or Tuesday
  • an afternoon session on Monday and/or Tuesday
  • Morning and afternoon on Monday and/or Tuesday
  • or both days, all day!

For more detailed information about providing an activity check out the Activities Identifier survey or fill it in and submit your activity today!

You can also contact Linda McDaniels at or call 250-748-3112


Join a TIP facilitator team

The Inclusion Project is looking for adults who care about youth, to join together in providing Quamichan School with an inclusive-culture building workshop, and welcome, for the 2018/19 school year!
Do you have facilitation experience? Enjoy working with groups? Theatre? Performing arts? If so, then we hope you will join a TIP workshop facilitation team!
This workshop is an innovative, pro-active, and experiential approach to addressing issues such as racial bias and other forms of intolerance. The Inclusion workshop will utilize The Inclusive-Leadership framework, which focuses on inter-generational bridge building within, and between, diverse groups and identities.
This is an amazing opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to TIP the scales towards a more inclusive society!
To be part of a TIP facilitator team you will need to commit to:

  • Attending the train the trainer workshop on September 6th 8:45 – 3:15 – experience the two-hour Inclusion workshop and, as part of a youth and adult team, prepare to co-facilitate the workshop for Quamichan students on the 7th.
  • Co-facilitating the Inclusion workshop on September 7th 8:30 – 3:00 – co-facilitate the workshop, for two QS groups of students/staff/mentors, once in the morning, and again in the afternoon

Additionally, you could participate as a mentor during the community activity station days on September 10th and 11th! This is a wonderful opportunity to continue building relationships with QS students and other community members/organizations.

For more details on any of the options available, or to register today, please contact Linda McDaniels at or call 250-748-3112


Become a TIP Mentor

The Inclusion Project is looking for adults who care about youth to join in providing Quamichan School with a fun filled and inclusive-culture building welcome for  the 2018/19 school year!

The role of mentors in children’s lives is critical for healthy development. Connection to caring adults in the community increases Protective Factors, which, ”make it more likely that a young person will be resilient and healthy, have a positive sense of well-being, and follow positive pathways through adolescence and into adulthood. Examples include extracurricular activities, living skills such as communication and group work skills, and supportive relationships with parents or caregivers, teachers, and other influential adults.  

TIP mentors are:

  • relationship builders. Developing relationships with students in a fun, relaxing and equitable way.
  • role models for participation. Joining in on the fun!
  • inclusion champions! Supporting students as they connect with the friends they haven’t met yet.
  • compassionate observers. Noticing students who may be feeling overwhelmed and helping to reduce their stress in ‘no pressure’ ways.
  • ready to help. Willing to take direction from workshop facilitators or activity station hosts.

A mentor’s minimum commitment:

  • a two-hour inclusion workshop on Sept 7th. Join a group of students, teachers and fellow mentors, who will co-develop a foundation for building an inclusive culture. This could be either during the morning session (approx. 9:00 – 11:45) or the afternoon session (approx. 12:00 – 2:45) or both.
  • the Community Activity Stations on September 10 & 11th (approx. 8:45 – 3:00). Diverse teams of students, staff, and mentors will travel through fun and engaging Community Partner activity stations. Keeping in mind that people have busy lives, participation can be very flexible.
    You can attend:
  • – a morning session

    – an afternoon session

    – the full day

    – or both days

    Just let us know what you are available for!

    For more details or to register today, please contact Linda McDaniels at or call 250-748-3112