Organize a Fundraiser for CIS!

Thank you for your interest in the Cowichan Intercultural Society and in our Third Party Fundraising Toolkit and program.  Our organization strives to build welcoming and inclusive communities across the Cowichan Valley, and we rely on a diversified fundraising plan which you can be an integral part of.   Below is some information about this new fundraising opportunity, and further information including the complete toolkit can be found on our new Third Party Fundraising webpage.

One of the many ways to support CIS is by planning and/or sponsoring an event to raise funds for CIS. This kind of activity is called a “Third Party” Fundraiser. In raising money for CIS, or designating that money to a more focused fund within CIS, you or your group can help support the many great non-profit initiatives & activities which CIS undertakes annually.

Types of Third Party Fundraisers:

  1. A group or individual can host an event or sponsor an activity and make the Cowichan Intercultural Society the beneficiary. (Example: An organization hosts a golf outing and sends CIS a cheque for the net profits.)
  2. The Cowichan Intercultural Society can “piggy back” on an existing event, adding a third-party fundraising element, and receive the income produced from that element. (Example: A company has an annual fundraising week and asks their employees to bring donations for CIS, or a municipality has an annual marathon and the sponsor offers registrants the opportunity to get pledges for CIS.)
  3. Invite the Cowichan Intercultural Society to cooperatively produce an event and share in the profits. (Example: A local business invites CIS to participate in an art auction or grand opening. CIS sends out press releases and provides volunteers to work at the event. In return CIS receives a percentage of the proceeds from the event.)

This purpose of this toolkit is to give you an introduction to our organization, the guidelines of our Third Party Fundraising program, ideas for planning your own third party fundraiser, tools to help you plan & execute your event, and this toolkit contains the Third Party Event Contract which must be signed and submitted before your fundraiser.

To access this toolkit in PDF format, downloadable and printable, please click here.  For more information or to speak about fundraising opportunities, please contact Brian.  Thank you for your interest and support!