Payment methods:

To join by phone or mail, you will need to provide CIS with the following information:

  • Option 1: charge to your credit card – you’ll need to provide the credit card type, number and expiry date, and the amount you would like to give each month, and whether the deduction should occur on the 1st or 15th of the month;
  • Option 2: direct debit from your chequing account – you’ll need to provide the following banking information to begin receiving donations directly from your bank account: (a) Account number (b) Bank number (c) Transit number;
  • Note: if you are joining by mail, you can provide us with this information by including a cheque marked “VOID”, or if you’re joining by phone please read the entire row of numbers across the bottom of one your cheques (including zeros).
  • Option 3: Provide post-dated cheques for each monthly contribution.