The 11th Year of the Multicultural Leadership Group Begins This Week!

It’s an exciting time of year as our LINC classes and Youth Outreach programming begin this week! The Multicultural Leadership Group will begin its 11th season this Wednesday, at St. John’s Anglican Church (doors at 3:15). Find out more about MLG here, and read below for this week’s agenda.

When: Wednesday, doors open at 3:15, opening circle 4:00, wrap up 5:45
Where: St Johns Anglican Church Hall, 163 first Street Who: all ages, all cultures, all faiths, all identities, everyone is welcome!
Why: To have fun while creating inclusive and caring communities

In Project Coordinator Linda’s words: “This week is going to be all about the ripples! Yes, ripples! But first, Welcome to the beginning of MLG’s 11th season! We will begin as we do every year, welcoming each other, ourselves, and new MLGer’s too, back from the many summer adventures we’ve been on. Whether they be good or bad, great or sad, wonderful or ordinary, or some combination of that, we will take time to share a few stand out moments, as we find the differences and the common ground. This will begin to prepare us for hosting ‘Expanding Our Common Ground’, details will be shared about this amazing opportunity! In addition to warm welcomes, fun gathering activities with a purpose, and project info, we will also be visited by a few past MLG participants, who will demonstrate for us how the ripple effect works! I hope you can join us! And bring a friend, family member, elder…all are welcome!! “