Multicultural Leadership Group (MLG) at a glance:

  • * Hosted 290 MLGs from 2008 to 2015
  • * Over 7,000 people have participated in MLG = an average of 25 per MLG
  • * 10% of the total participant are immigrants
  • * 30% of the total participants are adults
  • * 60% of the total participants are youth
  • * 40% of the total Adult participants are seniors
  • * Approximately 80 community projects  served = an average of one per month
  • * Over 35 community organizations partnered with = an average of 5 every year

Why Multicultural Leadership Group Project is so important: 

The Multicultural Leadership Group facilitates learning opportunities for youth to be respectful, kind, welcoming and inclusive of other youth/adults from diverse backgrounds. CIS provides specific training in communication for youth to feel more confident and relaxed when communicating in cross-cultural settings.  Our cultural-based education opportunities include understanding the reasons for listening and speaking with compassion, and learning from other’s cultures and stories. It is our intention to host this project in an intergenerational setting, so that youth can have adult mentorship in a non-intimidating environment.