English Language Mentoring

Need a Tutor?

The English Language Mentoring (ELM) Program at  the Cowichan Intercultural Society offers a one-on-one learning environment and provides language training to adult newcomers, helping to facilitate social, cultural, economic and political integration in Canada.

The program has assisted students of all levels from countries whichinclude Syria, India, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Chile, Iran, Japan, Turkey, Australia, Albania, Switzerland, Philippines, Tibet, Spain, Argentina, Korea, China, and Morocco. This program is specifically for enhancing language skills but takes a variety of routes in doing so, according to learner needs and interests. For instance, two of our tutors cook with their students; one tutor-student match plays drums together for part of their lesson; two tutors do fibre arts with their students; one match goes grocery shopping; another match has done banking together; a number of matches have shared meals; one tutor-student match takes walks and identifies plants. All types of tutoring sessions practice English. And of course, there are standard tutoring sessions where tutor-student matches read, write and practice pronunciation together usually at the library, the student’s home or in a café.

If you would like to request a tutor please contact Catherine J. Johnson, Coordinator, ELM program

catherine@cis-iwc.org or phone 250.748.3112.

Become a Tutor:

Volunteering as an English Language tutor opens doors to the richness of cultural diversity. Please contact us for more information or to set up an appointment with the coordinator. No prior teaching experience necessary.

If interested contact Catherine J. Johnson, Coordinator, ELM program :

Catherine@cis-iwc.org or phone 250-748-3112

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